Friday, 7 November 2014

Solo show/ El Sueño de Los Angeles 洛杉磯之夢

Reception: Friday, November 7, 6-9 pm
November 7 – December 12, 2014
18th Street Arts Center | Curator’s Lounge

       洛杉磯西班牙文原意為天使之城。世界各國的人,為了追求夢想,來到了這個天使之城,對於葉育君來講,是一個擁有很多故事的地方。這個展覽:『El Sueño de Los Angeles洛杉磯之夢』將展現她在地創作以及在台灣的作品。在洛杉磯一個月後,葉育君呈現同一個夢遊者般綺麗夢境後體驗後的創作。這個展覽、會隨著時間而有變化,並且成為藝術家與洛杉磯追夢的人的對話空間。
      這是一個結合錄像裝置、燈光裝置、塗鴉等夢幻般的螢光氛圍。在迪士尼卡通與Charles Lutwidge Dodgson的愛麗絲夢遊仙境後,葉育君帶著她重新創造的粉紅色假髮的愛麗絲踏上洛杉磯土地,在認識這裡和她一樣追求夢/夢想的人們。這是關於夢境,潛意識的奇幻分享,也是一個關於追尋夢想的沖擊,在夢境,與夢想中像一個夢遊者般地遊走。它有人生百態、有美麗果實,同時間卻又帶有神秘的惶恐面對自我以及現實。

Los Angeles is epitomized by its Spanish name, translated as The City of Angels. People from all over the world come to this city in order to pursue their dreams. For Ye Yujun, it is a place with a lot of stories. The exhibition El Sueño de Los Angeles will showcase produced in Taiwan and new pieces recently made in LA.

After a month’s stay in The City of Angels, Ye felt that the experience was so surreal that it was as if she has been sleepwalking the whole time. This exhibition will change progressively over its duration, becoming a space that allows artist allows artist and audience to share a work in progress dialogue.

The works in the exhibition are a combination of video/light installations and graffiti and photography, inside a fantasy-like fluorescent atmosphere. Taking after Walt Disney animation’s and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson's Alice in Wonderland, Ye re-creates Alice with a pink wig in Los Angeles, seeking to discover the people who are also chasing their dreams in this land.

This show is about dreams, fantasy, and sharing our subconscious thoughts. Here, people can walk and fly freely—you see life in different forms, you see beauty, but in the same time you see fear and self-realization.
Welcome to El Sueño de Los Angeles.

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