Thursday, 6 November 2008

exposition solo:Sleepwalker

GALLERY-33 presents
Yu-jun Ye

with collaboration of Hana Jung
opening: Wednesday 29 Oct 7PM-10PM

exhibition from 30 OCt - 29 Nov 2008

closing+performance: Nov 29 9PM Yu-Jun-Ye with guests

Yu-Jun Ye, was born in Taiwan 1977, lives and works in Paris since late 2001, she works in the field of performance, video, installation, sculpture and drawing.

Each artist has its own vision of how to represent the image of body. Here, Yu-Jun Ye, proposes a fantastic, extravagant, both childish and erotic view.

The end of 1999, her orientation about the body, or how to take images of the body, how to stage the body and play the gap between real and unreal for the ironic reality of society. Beginning in 2001, symbolizing her arrival in France have changed since the issue of language, body language has become very obvious. Her gesture becomes language, thoughts real action. Its color represents the exotic and therefore it cannot erase her personality. Is it just a cultural byproduct of Asia or Taiwan? More she flees the issue of representation of the body and sexual identity, personal, cultural, longer it takes place en masse.

In her general works, she want to create a fantastic world, like the magic from the magicians, they live in an imaginary world, sweet but dangerous in a time pre-adolescent, a Peter Pan who does not grow. These figures are they all projections of it selves, indicate a struggle between libido and ego, or is it a lack of childhood?

The feet are always an important symbolic in her works. Here, the title “sleepwalker” could deconstruct separated by two words: “sleep” and “walker”. Sleep, one might think a dream, the thing or aware based upon the walker by the side of the body such as the feet. For her the feet are a machine for walking, dancing, feet express feelings is part of the body best suited to dance, they are a reference for the sculpture, as the foundation. In martial arts movies, the knight runs in the air. As the Buddha, who rises on the lotus to come to the people and to save them. She would like to adopt these air feet to offer the public a fantastic trip.

She creates an invitation testing and intervention with the public facility built in the form of a landscape, you are in for the visit. Contrary to a visit to an exhibition where you are there to watch but not to be regarded in the facility, the time you are in a situation, through the window of the gallery, you must as “Sleepwalker “. Now walk in the dream, be viewed by the public in the street, when you lie, back on the green sofa, legs in the air, how could we forget the meaning behind the position ? Remember: Do not forget your conscience.

In the exhibition, the collaboration with Korean artist Hana Jung, because the point in common between them is a fantastic imagination, and the inter symbolism of nature and design of automatic or unconscious and fear.

She will say that the power of creation comes from the sublimation of desire and “light” to her or the public is a motivation for its creation.

She thinks the life that we love is short. A dream day projected on real life. With the fragility of digital technology, it becomes aware of her failure to tinker and make a world, like Allan Kaprow said: life and art are combined.