Sunday, 1 November 2015

Pacific Romance project太平洋羅曼史計畫


這是一個由藝術家葉育君與Alexis Mailles開始於2015年中,藉由一個虛構的樂隊和愛的故事發展的表演/藝術計畫。
這是一個以藝術家為出發點,運用通俗的流行音樂為風格、加入社會反思、愛情、文化差異等等議題,混合電子音樂、搖 滾、情歌等形式,它像是個用音樂說的肥皂劇,發生在亞洲與美洲,真的事實卻遺落在太平洋之中,角色運用對話創造他們的故事。它是一個沒被拍攝出來的肥皂劇,是一個還沒被剪輯出來的愛情電影的電影配樂。

Pacific Romance
it's a performance art project about a fictional band and love story initiate by YuJun Ye and Alexis Mailles. Somewhere between Asia and America. virtually lost in the middle of the Pacific, the characters use dialogue to make their story exists. Mix of electronic music, rock and love song, it's a trip in a soap opera which was never shot. A soundtrack for a corny love film which was never edited

    Chronus Art CenterShanghai, China
   Chronus Art CenterShanghai, China

   Chronus Art CenterShanghai, China